Alex. 20. Degree student. I disguise everything with humour, which makes every adult and professional situation impossible. When I'm not obsessing over Tonight Alive and Paramore, I'm probably crying over The Walking Dead.

My tolerance is growing thin with many people. That’s what’s making me think I am the problem. Life would function better, or is functioning better for a lot of people, without me. I am an inconvenience to 99% of the people I know. I should of seen the signs years ago. People walking out, people just stopping talking to me. People always leave, because they stop caring… or perhaps never did.

I haven’t felt like this in a long time. I hate myself again.

I am so fucking done with this world and all the people in it. Just fuck off.


You want my phone number? It’s useless. The best way to contact me is to fill a human skull with acorns and vigorously shake it into the night. I will hear you eventually.

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